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In the World of Trading, the Stock Market is considered as a game of Probability and sometimes nothing more than a work of observation which is gained with years of experience.

It is due to absence of understanding trading phycology and proper knowledge, majority of people who trade, loose money or trade subtly . 
With my experience in markets, trading to me has become more like a science which is based on understanding the minor details rather than whims and intuitions. Trading is not a magic nor it can worked on with gut feeling, rather it is a calculated method and analysis giving you accurate and real time help for your trading and investment. 

During my experience of teaching I have come across many people who are inclined towards trading but always keep the uncertainties in their subconscious mind which limits their scope to the…

Ms. Smita Parekh, Market Technician |Trainer | Trader

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    Executive Vice President | Head-Franchisee Business Motilal Oswal Securities Limited


    Associate Vice President | Markets Strategy and Product Development at Motilal Oswal


We had the pleasure of working with Ms. Smita Parekh in her capacity as a freelancer faculty with Motilal Oswal STIR.

She has taught over 600 + students of STIR on practical uses of technical analysis & behavioural science to make money in the stock markets. Being a stock market & particularly a trading enthusiast herself, she has been managing a large portfolio of hers and her family in stock market through investing & trading. She uses her practical insights & experience to teach the students wanting to make money in stock market trading.

Besides her experience & wisdom, she brings a tremendous passion for training & mentoring students. I have practically seen students becoming a huge fan of hers not only because of her trading ability skills but also her teaching, interpersonal skills and her genuine interest in making students grow as better traders. I would not be surprised that she would have a "fan club" devoted to her in real life & on places like Facebook.

She also is an avid options trader & trainer and was instrumental in setting up the options course for STIR. Her training on options was also well received by the students. In my 16 + years old working experience, Smita is one of the finest professionals, I have come across. She is a delight to be associated with & her passion on stock markets, investing, trading, teaching, coaching, mentoring is a very unique combination & I would think that very few people in the country would have it. If anybody wants to learn stock market trading, than Smita is a "go to" professional and I would highly recommend students wanting to learn the art of technical and options trading to make her their "guru". I am sure they will do well for themselves.


We had the pleasure of working with Ms. Smita Parekh in her capacity as a freelancer faculty with Motilal Oswal STIR.

Being a trader and investor herself, she has trained over 600 students in the field of Technical Analysis, Futures and Options. Smita has been instrumental in setting up the Futures and Options course at Motilal Oswal - STIR, which was very well appreciated by students.

She is one of the finest professionals, with great business ethics and fantastic knowledge on the subject of Technical Analysis, Futures and Options. Also, she is one of the most respected and appreciated mentor amongst Students and our Management Team as well. Association with her has been a delightful experience and would like to recommend her to all those who are interested in learning about the markets

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Student Testimonials

Mr. Kunthu Dhadda

It was an amazing learning experience with one of the best teachers ever. The best part is that she is more of a practical teacher which makes it even better to understand the concepts. She guides us in every step and will make sure that we become independent on taking our decisions.
Thank you ma’am.

CFO | Iksula Service Pvt ltd.
Mr. Ashok De

“Smita Parekh as we kindly call Ma’am, is the most dynamic teacher that I have seen in the world of trading. She puts the trade study into the most simplistic way which is easy to grasp. She takes live example of the market to put the study in perspective thereby ensuring that we overcome the factor of greed and fear."

Mr. Bhavesh Kakka

Smita Ma’am makes trading systematic and process driven, Taking all the excitement out of system and making it a structured process. This is why trading becomes professional and profitable for you. Successful trading requires combination of three things
A) Strategy B) Risk management C) Psychology

Home maker & Stock Trade
Mrs. Priya Krishnan

Hi, I am Priya Krishnan. I am a home maker and a Stock Trader. The journey from home maker to stock trader was very sweet all because of Smita Madam’s guidance. Initially I was naive, used to just buy and sell the stock without any knowledge. But after learning from her I got all the confidence to trade. 


Retired Government Official
Mr. Ravi Nair

Smita Ma’am is a great disciplined teacher and a very good communicator with an engaging personality having an intense inborn passion for teaching. I have immensely benefitted from her teaching style/methods as she imparts the complex knowledge of trading in a very methodical but at the same time in a very simple.

Chartered Accountant, Working with ICICI Bank
Mr. Samrendra Kumar

Doing Technical Analysis class under “SMITA MAM” was like a life dream come true. Coming from a small town from Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand to Mumbai – Stock behaviour was really not understood until Technical Analysis gave PhD. degree to my stock knowledge. I am really thankful to God who made it possible for meeting with “Smita Mam”.

BE (Mechanical)
Mr. Vignesh Supali

Earlier trading was a random game for me, but when I started learning it from Smita madam I understood that there has to be a process which needs to be followed to make consistent returns. She is well experienced player of stock market and knows the mechanics of how it works in technical context.

Full Time Trader & Business Partner at NJ Wealth
Devang Shah

A Fabulous learning experience. My Trading School gave me a complete insight about markets. Smita ma'am makes it very easy to understand the complexities of trading. Extremely delighted by the MTS experience!

Proprietor at Rohan Financial Services
Rohan Gangan

It's amazing experience learning From Smita Mam...Very well plan syllabus & Study material...other hospitality also very well manage....she share in-depth knowledge about the subject...she is very patience Teacher to... Am very fortunate to be part of My Trading school...Thanks Mam & Tem MTS.... 

Marketing Head- Plastine India Limited
Jay Jain

I have been trading the markets for a year now,mostly random trades.however after having attended trading session by smita ma'am,now i have a clear idea on how and when to take my trades,making the process simple and easier.