Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Q.1) What is Technical Analysis?
Technical Analysis is an analysis technique that uses past price and volume data to determine future prices. This technique can be used to analyse stocks, bonds, currencies, or any tradable instrument.
Q.2) I am a complete fresher, and I have no prior knowledge about the stock market. Can I learn Technical Analysis?
Yes, absolutely you can. Technical Analysis does not require any fixed educational qualifications or any background in finance and commerce. This technique primarily involves carrying out analysis on a price chart and needs no prior finance knowledge. The only pre-requisite for this course is the desire to learn and the ability to work hard!
Q.3) Will I be able to trade on my own after learning at MTS?
At MTS, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to empower you to make trading decisions independently.
Q.4) Since all the courses are pre-recorded and not live, will I be able to understand and implement the concepts?
With regards to understanding the course content, we have gone deep into every concept using real examples and case studies and using the best technology, making it very easy for our students to understand. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us in the Doubt section of your student portal, and our expert trainers will get back to you and personally solve all your doubts and queries. Also, the beauty of a pre-recorded course is that you can watch the course at your discretion without having to follow a fixed timing!
Q.5) What do MTS courses include?
Through our years of experience in the markets, we have meticulously curated the perfect and most relevant course content using real-time examples and case studies to ensure an in-depth and practical understanding of every topic. In addition to our content, we also provide support tools such as excels, e-books and a self-evaluating quiz after every topic where our students can test their knowledge and perfect it.
Q.6) If I have any query regarding the course content, how can I get it solved?
We have got you covered here. We have added a section called “I have a Doubt”, which connects you directly to us. You can post all your Queries there, and we will get back to you with an answer.
Q.7) Do I need to have a Demat account before enrolling for the course?
No, a Demat account is not necessary for learning. You can open a Demat account once you are ready to trade independently, using the knowledge you have gained at MTS.
Q.8) Does MTS open Demat accounts?
No, MTS only assists in providing the necessary knowledge required to trade. You are free to open a Demat account with the Stock Broker of your choice.
Q.9) Does MTS provide software for trading?
No, MTS does not provide or recommend any software for trading. All training is conducted online on Tradingview, which is a free-to-use trading software available to all.
Q.10) How is your course different from other courses offered in the market?
At MTS, we focus on a very structured approach to learning, using the best of technology. Our lessons are curated keeping in mind that our students do not have any prior knowledge. At the same time, we go deep into every topic and thoroughly cover it from start to finish. This enables both, Beginners and Professionals alike to benefit from our courses.
Q.11) Who can enrol for the courses?
Anyone and everyone is welcome to learn with us. Right from a professional trader, who wants to sharpen his skills to a complete amateur who has no clue about the stock market, MTS caters to all.
Q.12) Why do people lose money in the Stock Market?
Well, there are several reasons why a person fails, but the most common reason is that many people start trading the markets without having any knowledge about it, or they might risk too much of their capital on a single trade. It is always better to learn and trade based on your logic rather than being dependent on tips from stock brokers, friends etc.