Technical Analysis MasterClass: A Preview
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Preview to Technical Analysis

"Unlock the Secrets of Technical Analysis: Dive into our Free Preview and Gain a Competitive Edge in the Stock Market!"

Instructor: Smita ParekhLanguage: English

About the course


Dive into the world of stock markets with our preview course on Technical Analysis. This course offers a basic understanding of the key concepts used in Technical Analysis

This course is ideal for beginners who wish to gain a clear understanding of basic technical analysis concepts before diving into more advanced concepts in our Technical Analysis MasterClass and Mentorship courses. 

The best part? No prior finance knowledge is required, making it perfect for those new to trading or those looking to referesh their knowledge. 

What you will learn:

  • Basics of Technical Analysis
    Understand the principals and assumptions of Technical Analysis. Explore its historical context and how it differs from fundamental analysis 
  • Overview of Charts
    Learn about Charts, the most important and commonly used tool used in Technical Analysis. Charts display price and volume data graphically which help in predicting future price movements.
  • Trading Styles
    Learn about the different trading styles - Intraday Trading, Swing Trading and Positional Trading

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Self Paced Learning

This program offers you the flexibility to balance your stock market goals with your personal and professional life, providing access to a wealth of resources whenever you need it. Embrace the freedom to learn, grow and succeed on your own schedule!

Practical Learning

Each topic is presented with a focus on real world applications ensuring that our students are able to apply them in practical trading scenarios.

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