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Chart Patterns

Unlock the Secrets of Chart Patterns: Master the Art of Pattern Recognition and Boost Your Trading Success!

Course Validfor 6 months

Instructor: Smita ParekhLanguage: English

About the course


Chart Patterns is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to recognize and interpret various chart patterns in financial markets. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify profitable trading opportunities using chart patterns.

Recommended for:

This course is designed for anyone interested in technical analysis, including aspiring traders, financial analysts, and investors. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in the field, this course will deepen your understanding of charts and enhance your analytical skills.

Key Highlights:

  • In-depth understanding of charts
  • Understand the significance of chart patterns in predicting market trends
  • Learn to identify critical chart patterns
  • Learn how to determine trade entry and exit points based on different chart patterns 
  • Master advanced techniques for trading chart patterns

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Charts
    Begin with the basics of what charts are and their significance in technical analysis. Understand the role of charting in analyzing market trends and making trading decisions.
  • Types of Charts
    Delve into different types of charts used in technical analysis including line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, and point-and-figure charts. Learn the unique features and benefits of each chart type.
  • Construction of Charts
    Gain insights into the methodology behind constructing various charts. Understand how price data is plotted and how different time frames can impact the analysis.
  • Master Chart Patterns
    Understand how to identify Reversal and Continuation Chart Patterns and interpret their various implications for profitable trading

What do we offer

Self Paced Learning

This program offers you the flexibility to balance your stock market goals with your personal and professional life, providing access to a wealth of resources whenever you need it. Embrace the freedom to learn, grow and succeed on your own schedule!

Practical Learning

Each topic is presented with a focus on real world applications ensuring that our students are able to apply them in practical trading scenarios.

Hand-Holding and Support

Stuck on something? You can access your student portal where you can get in touch with us or even discuss it with your peers in the inbuilt chat groups.

Practice Quizzes & eBooks

Practice quizzes, eBooks and case studies are integral parts of the curriculum, providing a holistic learning experience.

Community & Networking

Interact and network with like-minded folks from various backgrounds in exclusive chat groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Are Chart Patterns difficult to learn?
Chart Patterns don’t require knowing intricate formulas or ratios. They are clear and easy-to-identify patterns that are highly accurate and will become an asset in your trading arsenal.
Q.2) Are Chart Patterns relevant for trading and charting?
Analysing Chart Patterns is a very popular and widely used study in Technical Analysis. These patterns are a representation of human behaviour, which is quite consistent in a given situation. Over the years it has been seen that prices form certain chart patterns and these patterns work similarly every time. Thus, analyzing these patterns can help us make effective trading decisions.
Q.3) Are Chart Patterns useful for day trading?
It doesn't matter whether you are day trading or taking a positional trade. Chart patterns can be read and analysed across all timeframes in any market for any asset class.
Q.4) Is learning about Chart Patterns good enough to start trading?
Chart Patterns or any other study should never be used in isolation. Trade signals in Technical Analysis should always be confirmed with other studies. In this course we will help you understand how Chart Patterns can play an important role in analysing price action.
Q.5) How can I get help for any doubts I may have?
You can write to us in the doubts section of the course. Your doubts, if any, will be personally solved by our team.
Q.6) At the end of this course, will I get a Certificate of Completion?
Yes, at the end of the course, we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion.