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My Trading School (MTS), an education venture by Caerus Consultancy Pvt Ltd, is an EdTech Institute based in Mumbai dedicated to providing knowledge on Technical Analysis and Futures & Options for effective trading in financial instruments such as stocks, forex, commodities, and more. Our practical and innovative approach to trading and investment education aims at empowering individuals to trade confidently.

At MTS, we specialize in providing comprehensive education on Technical Analysis. Our courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to trade effectively in the financial markets.

We are committed to providing the most relevant and advanced education. Our courses incorporate advanced trading strategies and tools to enhance our students’ understanding of Technical Analysis. Our experienced instructors provide personalized mentorship and guidance to help our students achieve success in their trading careers.

What Sets MTS Apart?

Perfectly Curated

We have years of experience in the financial markets, and we have carefully crafted the most relevant course content for our students. Our trading courses use real-time examples and case studies to provide an in-depth and practical understanding. To further support our students, we provide additional tools such as Excel, e-books, and self-evaluating quizzes after every topic to test and perfect their knowledge. The goal is to ensure that our students have a comprehensive and practical understanding of trading and investing, empowering them to navigate the financial markets.

Our Commitment to Supporting
Your Trading Success

We provide personalized support to help you achieve success in your trading journey. Our experienced instructors and support team offer guidance and solutions to challenges you may face in any course. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, we believe in building lasting relationships and providing ongoing support to help you reach your financial goals.

Leading Through

At MTS, we provide practical and innovative solutions to enable our students to receive a thorough understanding of the subject. Our courses are designed to challenge students to achieve their impossible dreams. We train our students on real-time data and case studies to ensure that they get hands-on experience in the trading world.

Pursuing Excellence

At My Trading School (MTS), we empower our students to trade the Equity and Derivatives Markets with confidence. Our training includes real-time trade setups and tools, which provide a practical understanding of every topic in Technical Analysis and Derivatives Trading. Our experienced instructors go the extra mile to ensure that our students receive a comprehensive education in the trading world.

Growing By Learning

We believe that the need to learn and grow is a way of life and we strive to develop our students' potential skills and techniques. It's never too late to take your first step in the right direction and achieve your financial goals.


Happy Students




MTS aims at enriching an individual’s financial endeavours by empowering their trading proficiency by imparting consolidated knowledge, using qualitative learning techniques and following a strategic approach.

Why Choose MTS

At MTS, we not only focus on training finance professionals, but also aim to empower individuals, students, housewives or just about anybody with a passion for the markets, in trading the stock markets with the right knowledge, psychology and skill of Technical Analysis, rather than being at the mercy of ‘OPPORTUNISTIC & FRAUDULENT TIPS.’

A choice that makes the difference

At MTS, our trainers are constantly researching the markets to keep up with the changing market trends.

Painstaking involvement by the mentors to help students achieve excellence in their trading careers.

Using the best technology to impart the most effective learning.

Practical & Scientific Approach towards the various stock market segments.

Learning on real-time charts and case studies.

The MTS Holistic Approach

MTS's holistic approach focuses on overall education. We make sure that whatever is being taught during our training is understood by the student before the completion of the course. Having worked and interacted closely with students, we understand their needs, mental uncertainties and apprehensions. We wish to focus on those aspects by interacting and guiding our students in the best possible way to help them achieve their goals.

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