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Welcome to My Trading School the perfect synergy of education, technology and mentorship led by the exceptional Ms. Smita Parekh. Dive into the world of trading with us and unlock the secrets of success in trading and investments.

The MTS Approach

Simple and easy to understand language to benefit everyone. 

Custom made trading strategy tools for effective learning.

Practical implementation with real- life case studies. 

Direct application of studies on real charts

Customised Courses for Everyone

Learn the best, from the best!!! Your Mentor

Ms. Smita Parekh

A Market Technician for over 23 years and Mentor at My Trading School, Ms Parekh has a remarkable track record of empowering over 10,000+ students with trading efficiency. As an Ex Corporate Trainer at Motilal Oswal and an affiliate Member of the CMT Association, USA, she brings extensive expertise to the world of trading.

"I believe Trading in the Stock Market is just 20% Formal Learning, 20% Money Management and 60% Psychology. This is the biggest reason why majority of the traders, even with the right knowledge, end up making losses, as they do not trade with the right psychology and money management skills. With my experience in the markets, trading has become more like a Science and a Discipline which is based on understanding the minor details rather than whims and intuitions.”
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Ms. Smita Parekh

Market Technician, Mentor, Trader

Our Students Speak!

"It was an amazing learning experience with one of the best teachers ever. The best part is that she is a practical teacher, which makes it even better to undertsand concepts. She applies all studies in live markerts. She guides us at every step and ensures we take independant trading decisions. Thank You Mam"

by Mr. Kunthu Dhadda, Entrepreneur

"Smita Ma'am makes trading systematic and process driven, taking all the excitement out of the system and making it all a system driven process, making trading professional and profitable. She takes live example of the markets to put the study in perspective, thereby ensuring we overcome Greed and Fear"

by Mr. Ashok De. CFO, Iksula Service Pvt Ltd

"Smita Ma'am is a great disciplined teacher and a very good communicator with an engaging personality, having an inborn passion for teaching. I have immensely benefitted from her teaching style/methods as she imparts the complex knowledge of trading in a very methodical but at the same time in a very simple way."

by Mr. Ravi Nair, Retired Government Official

Over 10,000+ students trading independently with confidence 

4.6 out of 5 

Easy to Understand

A great way to kick start your journey into a complex trade market with the most lay man explanation type learning modules. Smita ma’am makes it just too easy and comfortable for novice people like me to understand the nuances and complexity of technical trading in share market.

Santosh Laud.

Well planned Syllabus

It's amazing experience learning From Smita Mam...Very well plan syllabus & Study material...other hospitality also very well manage....she share in-depth knowledge about the subject...she is very patience Teacher to...Am very fortunate to be part of My Trading school...Thanks Mam & Tem MTS....

Rohan Gangan

Complete Understanding

Very effective way of teaching. Makes sure each and every participants has complete understanding of the subject. Anyone want to gain knowledge in share market trading, this is the right platform.

Shashikant Pawar.

Complete Insight of Market

This course gave me the complete insight of the market. The mystry behind the price movement and stock behaviour thoroughly explained by Smita ma’am.

Shreyas Patil.

Makes it very simple

Makes teaching very simple even if you are not having any share market knowledge. Excellent content

Rohan Repal.

Financial Freedom

I wanted to quit my 9-6 and be my own boss. Corporate jobs were not my thing. I wanted to be successful at doing what I liked, and as they say, money is the by-product of success. I joined this program 3 months ago and today I am an independent trader. MTS made it possible for me.

Nayan Waje.

Fabulous Learning Experience

A Fabulous learning experience. My Trading School gave me a complete insight about markets. Smita ma'am makes it very easy to understand the complexities of trading. Extremely delighted by the MTS experience!

Devang Shah.


What is Technical Analysis?
Technical Analysis is an analysis technique that uses past price and volume data to determine future prices. This technique can be used to analyse stocks, bonds, currencies, or any tradable instrument.
I am a complete fresher, and I do not know anything about the Stock Market. Can I learn Technical Analysis?
Yes, absolutely you can. Technical Analysis does not require any fixed educational qualifications or any background in finance and commerce. This technique primarily involves carrying out analysis on a price chart and needs no prior finance knowledge. The only pre-requisite for this course is the desire to learn and the ability to work hard!
Do I need to have a Demat account before enrolling for the course?
No, a Demat account is not necessary for learning. You can open a Demat account once you are ready to trade independently, using the knowledge you have gained at MTS.
Will I be able to trade on my own after learning at MTS?
At MTS, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to empower you to make trading decisions independently.
Why do people lose money in the Stock Market?
Well, there are several reasons why a person fails, but the most common reason is that many people start trading the markets without having any knowledge about it, or they might risk too much of their capital on a single trade. It is always better to learn and trade based on your logic rather than being dependent on tips from stock brokers, friends etc.

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