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Mrs. Priya Krishnan
Home maker & Stock Trade

Hi, I am Priya Krishnan. I am a home maker and a Stock Trader. The journey from home maker to stock trader was very sweet all because of Smita Madam’s guidance. Initially I was naive, used to just buy and sell the stock without any knowledge. But after learning from her I got all the confidence to trade. 


Mr. Ravi Nair
Retired Government Official

Smita Ma’am is a great disciplined teacher and a very good communicator with an engaging personality having an intense inborn passion for teaching. I have immensely benefitted from her teaching style/methods as she imparts the complex knowledge of trading in a very methodical but at the same time in a very simple.

Mr. Ashok De
CFO | Iksula Service Pvt ltd.

“Smita Parekh as we kindly call Ma’am, is the most dynamic teacher that I have seen in the world of trading. She puts the trade study into the most simplistic way which is easy to grasp. She takes live example of the market to put the study in perspective thereby ensuring that we overcome the factor of greed and fear."

Mr. Bhavesh Kakka

Smita Ma’am makes trading systematic and process driven, Taking all the excitement out of system and making it a structured process. This is why trading becomes professional and profitable for you. Successful trading requires combination of three things
A) Strategy B) Risk management C) Psychology