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Support and Resistances

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Smita Parekh


Technical Analysis


4.8 (10 Rating)

About this course


  • Support and Resistance are essential concepts in Technical Analysis and can greatly influence trading decisions.
  • This course provides an extensive understanding of Support and Resistance, including their Construction, Strength, and Validation.
  • Support and Resistance levels are where trends halt, pause, or reverse, making them crucial for traders to determine the Direction and Strength of the trend.
  • This course goes beyond price action analysis and covers various other types of Supports and Resistances, such as Fibonacci, Moving Average, Trendlines, and Trend Channels.
  • You will also learn how to measure the Strength of the Support and Resistance Bands and verify their accuracy in the market.

Key Features

  • This course will equip you with the skills to accurately identify and mark Support and Resistance levels on price charts.
  • You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how tools such as Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Trendlines, and Trend Channels can be used as Support and Resistance to future prices.
  • You'll learn to identify the key areas on a chart where supply and demand trigger, giving you an edge in trading.
  • The course will also cover the Construction, Strength, and Validation of Support and Resistance levels, allowing you to make informed trading decisions based on these crucial concepts.


  • In this program, we emphasize the essential building block of trade planning, which is Support and Resistance. It is crucial to know where to enter and exit a trade based on these levels.
  • The course offers a distinct and practical approach to technical analysis, focused on the concept of Support and Resistance.
  • Live examples are used extensively throughout the course to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  • Our goal is to simplify the process of trade planning by using only the simple concept of Support and Resistance to generate profitable trades.

Recommended for

  • This course is perfect for those who want to master the art of identifying support and resistance levels on a price chart
  • Students will get a comprehensive understanding of the various tools that can be used as support and resistance, including Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Trendlines, and Trend Channels.
  • The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to trade profitably in the stock market by using the correct support and resistance levels.
  • The program is designed to simplify the complicated world of Technical Analysis and provide a seamless approach to making profitable trades.

Introduction to Support and Resistance
12 Min

Introduction to Support and Resistance [Quiz]

Support and Resistance - The Price Action Way
24 Min

Support and Resistance - The Price Action Way [Quiz]

Construction Of Support and Resistance
26 Min

Construction of Support and Resistance [Quiz]

Strength and Validation of Support and Resistance
19 Min

Strength and Validation of Support and Resistance [Quiz]

Fibonacci Studies
36 Min

Fibonacci Studies [Quiz]

Moving Averages
30 Min

Moving Averages [Quiz]

Trend Lines
18 Min

Trend Lines [Quiz]

Trend Channels
7 Min

Trend Channels [Quiz]

Support and Resistances


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Support and Resistances


Support and Resistances

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2 Support and Resistance- The Price Action Way Click to view
3 Construction of Support and Resistance Click to view
4 Strength of Support and Resistance Click to view
5 Fibonacci Studies Click to view
6 Moving Averages Click to view
7 Trend Lines Click to view
8 Trend Channels Click to view


Support and Resistances

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Lesson Doubt

This course on Support and Resistance does not require you to have any prior knowledge of Finance or Technical Analysis. So yes, you can take this course.

It doesn't matter whether you are day trading or taking a positional trade, Support and Resistance concepts can be applied across all timeframes in any market for any asset class.

Any study in Technical Analysis should never be used in isolation. The study of Support and Resistance will help you identify the turning points of a trend and is a very effective tool in trend analysis. However, momentum oscillators, moving averages, or chart and candlestick patterns should be used additionally for confirmation of trade entry and exit signals.

This course goes over the concepts of Support and Resistance on real charts using real examples, enabling our students to get a practical and in-depth understanding of all the concepts

You can write to us in the doubts section of the course. Your doubts, if any, will be personally solved by our team.

Yes, at the end of the course, we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion.

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