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Chart Patterns

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Smita Parekh


Technical Analysis


4.8 (10 Rating)

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  • This course delves into the fascinating world of chart patterns and how they represent human behavior, which is quite consistent in a given situation. Over the years, it is observed that prices form certain patterns and these patterns work in a similar way every time.
  • By learning to identify the different chart patterns and their significance, you'll be able to predict trend continuations or reversals in the market.
  • The course emphasizes the importance of identifying patterns in different market phases and teaches you how to determine entry and target points based on the pattern formed.
  • With this knowledge, you'll be able to confidently predict when the market is likely to make a move, and when it's likely to consolidate or reverse.

Key Features

  • Acquire mastery in trading Chart Patterns with practical, real-time illustrations
  • Learn to identify critical chart patterns that every trader and investor must be able to recognize to anticipate trend reversals and continuations
  • Comprehend the formation of Chart Patterns in diverse market phases to determine their function as a continuation or reversal pattern
  • Anticipate the potential move of a trade prior to its occurrence
  • Learn to spot valid chart patterns to trade with a higher probability of success and avoid losses due to incorrect pattern interpretation


  • This course will enhance your chart analysis skills, allowing you to better understand and use Chart Patterns in your trading.
  • You'll gain the ability to analyze Chart Patterns and apply this knowledge in various markets, including commodities and forex.
  • By the end of the course, you'll be able to easily identify and trade with confidence using chart patterns.

Recommended for

  • This course is perfect for anyone seeking comprehensive knowledge of chart patterns, including their formation and trading techniques. 
  • It is suitable for both Beginner and Professional traders who aim to interpret charts accurately by identifying patterns in which stocks are traded. 
  • Whether you're a Day Trader, Swing Trader, or Positional Trader, this course is suitable for all trading styles.

0.54 Min

10 Min

Gaps [Quiz]

Introduction to Chart Patterns
5 Min

Introduction to Chart Patterns [Quiz]

Reversal Chart Patterns
26 Min

Reversal Chart Patterns [Quiz]

Continuation Chart Patterns
30 Min

Continuation Chart Patterns [Quiz]

Chart Patterns


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Chart Patterns


Chart Patterns

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Chart Patterns

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Lesson Doubt

Chart Patterns don’t require knowing intricate formulas or ratios. They are clear and easy-to-identify patterns that are highly accurate and will become an asset in your trading arsenal.

Analysing Chart Patterns is a very popular and widely used study in Technical Analysis. These patterns are a representation of human behaviour, which is quite consistent in a given situation. Over the years it has been seen that prices form certain chart patterns and these patterns work similarly every time. Thus, analyzing these patterns can help us make effective trading decisions.

It doesn't matter whether you are day trading or taking a positional trade. Chart patterns can be read and analysed across all timeframes in any market for any asset class.

Chart Patterns or any other study should never be used in isolation. Trade signals in Technical Analysis should always be confirmed with other studies. In this course we will help you understand how Chart Patterns can play an important role in analysing price action.

You can write to us in the doubts section of the course. Your doubts, if any, will be personally solved by our team.

Yes, at the end of the course we will be providing you with a Certificate of Completion.

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