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For the sake of brevity “My Trading School” shall be referred to as “MTS” and “Student shall be referred to as “Student”.

My Trading School obligations:

  • MTS will assist the student to maximize his individual potential in learning how to trade, stocks and/or other options.

Student’s obligations/contributions:

  • Student, by signing, acknowledges reading and understanding the information contained in this Enrollment Agreement.
  • Student understands that the course and the instructions will prepare him to actively invest/trade securities and/or other financial instruments for his own account at an appropriate financial firm which utilizes the electronic transmission of securities and other financial instruments in order to execute trade for its customers.
  • Student understands that this course is not a preparation to be a financial intermediary in the financial industry.
  • Student understands that due regulatory permissions are necessary for acting as a financial intermediary in India.
  • Student acknowledges that MTS has made no representation or warranties other than those expressed herein and MTS specifically disclaims any other representation or warranties.
  • Student recognizes and acknowledges that individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability and dedication of each student in their training programme.

Trading Risk:

  • Student understands that neither MTS nor the course/programme attended by the student nor any brokerage firm at which the student opens a Trading Account can offer any assurance that the student’s training will result in profit.
  • Student understands that he will be trained as to the investment/trade for short term and/or on intra-day basis as well as to the use of Trading software and the display of data. Student further understands that he will not be given specific recommendation as to trade of particular stock at any particular time.
  • All trading done by the student after taking the course will be determined by him alone and the student alone shall remain responsible for that result of such trading activity.
  • Student is aware of the trading risk and agrees and undertakes that he will not hold any person or MTS responsible for losses /damages that may be caused by his trading activities.

Intellectual property:

  • The student acknowledges that all the information, whether in the form of presentation, software, notes, books, manuals, Course material, in any form including the process followed in imparting training, methodologies and process used during the Training programme is the intellectual property of MTS and the same shall not be used, copied, recycled or in any manner further used, whether in part or in full without the prior written permission of MTS. The student shall be liable for legal action in case the intellectual property of MTS is put to any further use without the prior written permission of MTS.

General :

  • No recording of any kinds is permitted during any classes.
  • Student recognizes that this is an educational/training platform and MTS cannot guarantee the student success in trading.
  • MTS reserves the right to change any product offering in this package in the event that the materials become unavailable.