Technical Analysis Level 2

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Course by :
Smita Parekh

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  • Training on Live charts
  • All Strategy Excel Calculators
  • Duration 5 Weeks
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Course Description

The level 2 equity course further builds on the concepts introduced in level 1. It focuses on deeper understanding about the stock market. Advance studies and techniques of Technical Analysis are  introduced. You will learn how to trade the market using the methods of price action & also learn how to use the advanced technical studies as supporting tools to trade the markets. In this level you can get a better grip of chart analysis. This course is for people who are familiar with the essentials of technical analysis & want to delve further into the subject on a regular & integral basis. Students will learn how to trade different market conditions using various strategies. They will know how to plan their trades and take various trading positions. This programme focuses on putting together studies to plan positional, swing & intraday trades. Students will learn how to create wealth through positional trading & also continue to create daily cash flow through swing & intraday trading. We help students in sharpening their existing skills set in Technical Analysis & to integrate it into their work process to improve profitability and reduce risk, as in the end financial intelligence pays off.



• The level 2 equity course further builds on the concepts introduced in level 1 and takes the students to advance techniques of Technical Analysis.

• This Course builds on concepts introduced in level 1. Focuses on deeper understanding, advance techniques and applications of studies and price action way of trading in level 1 OR people with prior basic knowledge on Technical Analysis. Students learn to plan positional, swing and intraday trades

Recommended For

Recommended for people who have started their career with MTS in level 1 or people with prior basic knowledge of Technical Analysis.

Key Features
Email Support for Query solving for 1 month
Training on real time charts
Premarket opening webinars
Trade plan review and query solving session twice a week.
  • Lesson
    1. Advance Candlesticks Patterns
  • Lesson
    2.Dow theory Recap
  • Lesson
    3.Trend lines and Trend Channels with advance applications
  • Lesson
    4.Advance Support & Resistance Analysis, based on demand and supply
  • Lesson
    5.RSI - the Potent Tool
  • Lesson
    6.Oscillators – ADX, Stochastic
  • Lesson
    7.Bollinger Bands
  • Lesson
    8.Advance application of Moving Averages
  • Lesson
    9.Fibonacci Retracement
  • Lesson
    10.Fibonacci Projection
  • Lesson
    11.Fibonacci Extension
  • Lesson
    12.Fibonacci Time Cycles
  • Lesson
    13.Fibonacci Fair Band
  • Lesson
  • Lesson
    15.Advance Risk Management Techniques
  • Lesson
    16.Advance Trade Management Techniques
  • Lesson
    17.Plan all Studies together to Plan Trades.
  • Lesson
    18.Intraday Strategies
  • Lesson
    19.Swing Strategies
  • Lesson
    20.Positional Trading
  • Lesson
    21.Top Down Approach for Stock Selection
  • Lesson
    22.Basics of Elliott Waves
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Your Instructor
Ms. Smita Parekh

Market Technician |Trainer | Trader

It is due to absence of understanding trading phycology and proper knowledge, majority of people who trade, loose money or trade subtly . 
With my experience in markets, trading to me has become more like a science which is based on understanding the minor details rather than whims and intuitions. Trading is not a magic nor it can worked on with gut feeling, rather it is a calculated method and analysis giving you accurate and real time help for your…

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