Stock Market Webinar - Summer Special
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Stock Market Webinar - Summer Special

"Unveiling the Secrets: Master Stock Market Trends through an Exclusive Live Webinar!" 

Instructor: Smita ParekhLanguage: English + Hindi

About the Webinar

Join us for a comprehensive Webinar on Stock Market that is designed for everyone curious to learn and explore the world of trading. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding investor, or a homemaker keen on understanding market dynamics - you can be a part of the biggest business in the world by learning the most simple and effective techniques that are going to help you create that second stream of income and achieve financial freedom.  

The only right time to start trading and investing is NOW!

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Webinar Takeaways

Investments and its Importance

Discover the different types of Investments and the power of making healthy investments in avenues like the stock market

Analysis Techniques

Learn the difference between the two main analysis techniques used in the stock market - Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

How to avoid making losses

Understand the different reasons people make losses in the stock market so you can avoid making the same mistakes

MTS Pillars of Successful Trading

Discover the 3 MTS Pillars of Successful Trading - Technical Skills, Risk Management and Trading Psychology

Market Trends

Learn how to identify and analyze the different Stock Market Trends and the different stages of the trend.

Special Technique

Learn how to catch the turning points of market trends using a special technique so you can make your trades profitable