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Smita Parekh

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  • Duration : 6 Months
  • Learn equity & derivatives together
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Course Description

MTS Mentorship Programme is designed by industry’s expert equity strategist & founder Smita Parekh. Over the past 16 years she has gathered a vast experience & knowledge about the Equity & Derivatives market which has helped in designing this programme. The strategies taught are easy to understand & rule based trade execution. They are proven income trading paradigms. Every topic is carefully & comprehensively integrated throughout the course. The methodology fosters success by clearly focusing on processes & outcomes so that the student can work profitably. This Mentorship Programme provides you with in depth skill sets & technical knowledge that will open doors to becoming a successful & a consistent full time or a part time trader in the equity & the derivatives market as well. This programme is designed for freshers in the stock market, who have a will to learn how to trade the markets using Technical Analysis. This programme is also advisable for people who are already trading the markets but want to give themselves a professional edge.

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Recommended for any one who wants to become Professional Trader

Key Features
Every morning premarket opening webinars for 1 month
Email Support for query solving and trade plan review twice a week for 1 month
  • Lesson
    1.Technical Analysis Level 1
  • Lesson
    2.Technical Analysis Level 2
  • Lesson
    3.Decoding Options
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Your Instructor
Ms. Smita Parekh

Market Technician |Trainer | Trader

It is due to absence of understanding trading phycology and proper knowledge, majority of people who trade, loose money or trade subtly . 
With my experience in markets, trading to me has become more like a science which is based on understanding the minor details rather than whims and intuitions. Trading is not a magic nor it can worked on with gut feeling, rather it is a calculated method and analysis giving you accurate and real time help for your…

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