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Smita Parekh

Course Highligts :

  • Duration : 6 Months
  • Assignments
  • Proprietary Execels
  • Webinars
  • Manual
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Beginner to Advance Traders
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Course Description

This is a 5 days physical training programme which covers all the important topics of option strategies. The amalgamation of strategy, discipline and psychology is the fuel that drives trading success. Acquire the edge you need to succeed in future & options trading.
Candidate will be able to independently plan option strategies consistently after the programme.


Recommended For

individuals who are novice in the derivative segment but have basic understanding of technical chart.

Key Features
Training with examples of actual trades
Premarket opening webinars
Email Support
  • Lesson
    1.What are Derivatives
  • Lesson
    2.What are Future and Options
  • Lesson
    3.Types of Options
  • Lesson
  • Lesson
  • Lesson
    6.Payoff Graphs
  • Lesson
    7.Open Interest
  • Lesson
    8.Long and Short Options
  • Lesson
    9.Option Pricing
  • Lesson
    10.Moneyness of Options
  • Lesson
    11.Understanding Volatility
  • Lesson
    12.Options Greeks
  • Lesson
    13.Strike Selection
  • Lesson
    14.Expiry Selection
  • Lesson
    15.Single Leg Strategies
  • Lesson
    16.Hedging Strategies
  • Lesson
    17.Synthetic Strategies
  • Lesson
    18.Vertical Debit Spreads
  • Lesson
    19.Vertical Credit Spreads
  • Lesson
    20.Ratio Back Spreads
  • Lesson
  • Lesson
    22.Long Vega Strategies
  • Lesson
    23.Short Vega Strategies
  • Lesson
    24.Butterfly Strategies
  • Lesson
    25.Condor Strategies
  • Lesson
    26.Diagonals (Webinar)
  • Lesson
    27.Calendar Spreads Strategies(Webinar)
  • Lesson
    28.Trade Planning
  • Lesson
    29.Risk Management
  • Lesson
  • Lesson
    31.Trade Repair
  • Lesson
    32.Ratio Front Spreads
Rating & Reviews

Shashikant V Pawar (student)

Very effective way of teaching. Makes sure each and every participants has complete understanding of the subject. Anyone want to gain knowledge in share market trading, this is the right platform.

Dharmesh Harish Mehta (student)

We had a great learning with Smita ma'am. Learning will help us to maximise profits in trading strategy.

Ashok Dixit (student)

Curriculum and teaching was excellent. The fundamentals of options are now very much clear. I am feeling confident enough that I will do fairly well than what I have been doing till now in trading

SN Sugumar (student)

Wonderful effort put into imparting knowledge. Examples given are superb. Need time and dedication to manage the imparted knowledge. Thanks alot.

Sushma Tulpule (student)

Smitaji has excellent knowledge of the subject and she is dedicated & expert teacher, takes care that each and every student understands what is being taught. The course is very useful to students of all age group & coming from different walks of life

Bharat Nanavaty (student)

Options as a subject is very interesting & needs to be studied constantly, enjoyed learning. Proud to be with MTS. I have learnt a lot, and with this programme I have learnt to trade systematically and effectively. Methods are explained in a simple way which are easy to understand. Best wishes & happy trading.

Your Instructor
Ms. Smita Parekh

Market Technician |Trainer | Trader

It is due to absence of understanding trading phycology and proper knowledge, majority of people who trade, loose money or trade subtly . 
With my experience in markets, trading to me has become more like a science which is based on understanding the minor details rather than whims and intuitions. Trading is not a magic nor it can worked on with gut feeling, rather it is a calculated method and analysis giving you accurate and real time help for your…

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